Tenable Garden

Taken with NightCap

I recently wrote a new song, one which took a lot of energy to complete, and I’ve performed it live several times this past month (including San Francisco, London and Nashville).

Below is a link to one of my Open Mic performances

Please let me know your thoughts.

Tenable Garden




Click to Listen (Opens New Window): Tenable Garden at the Hotel Utah Saloon, Nov. 5, 2018


Mother Busker

Busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities (i.e. money). Street performance is conducted all over the world and is as old as antiquity.

In honor and deference to the many street performers in the world (buskers), and (tongue in cheek) offered as a workable alternative to a popular phrase of profanity, D. Tim Clark named his (mostly studio based) band Mother Busker (in which he plays and sings mostly-all parts).


A Hero’s Journey . . .

D. Tim Clark onstage at The Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco, California (Monday, July 30, 2018).

D. Tim Clark on stage at The Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco, California (Monday, July 30, 2018).

D. Tim Clark is a Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee and Georgia who travels the world sharing his music.

He has been writing and performing his (sometimes edgy) story songs for over 50 years. His creative works are considered ballads by many, but he puts significant energy into more-closely aligning with Joseph Campbell’sHero’s Journey” writing approach.

He travels extensively, performing his original songs at Open Mic Nights, paid gigs, informal gatherings and in the online virtual world “Second Life” as avatar Yaro Pinion.

Rest assured, he also performs any one of many classic rock or country covers at the drop of a hat, something he always wears.

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